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What has yoga to do with a festival dedicated to outdoor sports?
Two seemingly distant worlds, and yet...

To overcome one’s own limitations, we first need to know them. Yoga gives elasticity to the body, increases concentration, improves balance, calms the mind, teaches how to manage emotions and brings attention to the breath. More and more athletes and sporty people practice yoga and meditation to improve their performances and lead the mind where the body does not seem to get.

Concentration, balance, strength, endurance …

Now these two worlds do not seem so distant anymore!
Whether you are sporty or not, adult or not, you can find the right appointment for you here at the Yogadventure:
Every year Yogadventure take parts to the Adventure Outdoor Fest offering Hatha Yoga the most classic form of this discipline, Yoga classes specifically designed for athletes (from runners to climbers), Acro Yoga to test your balance and concentration, the 5 Tibetans to awaken the energies, Vinyasa Flow Yoga where breath and movement flow dynamically, Ashtanga Yoga (the yoga of the eight levels), children's lessons and much more.
Yogadventure proposes also meetings and roundtables to explore various issues related to this discipline which is very important also for people that practice other sports.

See all the events on the program page and subscribe in advance for your next fantastic courses!

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See you there!

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