PROGRAM 03/07/2022



SentieroZero is a gathering of walkers that comes to life where the CAI path rules (Norme di Maresca) were born: the red and white trail markers that have indicated the way for more than 70 years to walkers from all over Europe.
The appointment, which involves numerous associations from all over the country, will be held on the Tuscany Mountains, a crossroads of paths including the Via Francesca or "Francigena" della Sambuca, the Way of San Bartolomeo, the Via Romea Germanica Imperiale, the Romea Strata Nonantolana Longobarda and the Way of San Jacopo.

Meeting Point : "Ponte Sospeso" lake Park, San Marcello Piteglio (Pt)

What to bring : Trekkers, Walkers

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