PROGRAM 25/07/2019



The Civetta (3320 m) looks like a rock cathedral which rises majestically among the most fascinating peaks of the Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site. Dino Buzzati called it "the most beautiful rock wall in the Alps" and its prominent north wall, between the ‘Cima Su Alto’ and the ‘Torre Coldai’, is known by mountaineers as "the Kingdom of the sixth grade" or the "Wall of the Walls ".


During the Adventure Outdoor Fest, in collaboration with expert local Alpine Guides, it will be possible to climb this fascinating Mountain through a route to be chosen between the ‘Normale alla Torre Allegh’, the ‘Normale alla Torre Venezia’ and the ‘Normale alla Piccola Civetta’. The route will be determined based on weather conditions and the level of the participants.


This activity is for 2 people assisted by an Alpine Guide (if you want to book a private excursion with a guide the cost is 300 €).  


Piani di Pezzè, Alleghe (BL)
from 25 to 28 July from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Suitable for : Experienced climbers

What to bring : suitable clothing, hiking / climbing shoes

Location : Info Point Piani di Pezzè, Alleghe (BL)

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