PROGRAM 27/07/2019



We are the ones who were born with a strong desire to willing to share the love for our land, to give everyone the chance to spread to the world, with pride, the best of our territory and to give voice to those who live it with the same passion of its inhabitants.


In 2008 the facebook group: DoloMitici! was created from a dream we wanted to share with our closest friends. This passion has spread widely reaching thousands of people!

Since that October 2008, we have grown, expanded more and more every day, involving the most trusted friends in the project who daily give their time to the management of the group.

10 years have passed since that day, and at present we are 20 administrators who alternate in the management of DoloMitici ! approving and moderating the numeruous posts, considering that this love has attracted a huge number of mountain lovers from all over the world .  On 26th June 2019, DoloMitici! countes over 85,800 members with an activity of over 400,000 posts, comments and reactions, only in the last 28 days!  


We believe it is important to state that the facebook group DoloMitici! it is non-partisan, apolitical, non-denominational and, while respecting all the different opinions, carefully avoids controversies that can arise on the most burning issues because the philosophy we follow is the climbing one, where everyone has its distinct role but helps the others to work together towards the same goal. The facebook group is only a part of a larger project that has two main goals:

  • support those who live and work in the mountains (with particular attention to young people and small professionals and artisans);
  • promote an intelligent and sustainable tourism in all the Dolomites, without administrative / political boundaries, above and below two thousand meters.



The last DoloMitici! project ended on 26th January 2019 with the #RESTARTDOLOMITI Auction.

Following this link

you can see some videos. The auction has donated over 22.000 euros to the Welfare and Territorial Identity Fund managed by the Province of Belluno



Piani di Pezzè, Alleghe (BL)
from 25 to 28 July from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Suitable for : All

Location : Piani di Pezzè, 32022 Alleghe (BL)

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