PROGRAM 27/07/2019



Only until 15 July, purchase of promotional packages of 1, 2 or 3 days to participate in all the activities of the Yoga & Balance Meeting: CLICK HERE


Almog Loven, an internationally renowned professional dancer, will also be a guest on the Adventure Outdoor Fest!


Through the Weightlessness practice, one plays with gravity's effect on both movement and musical qualities. The ranges of texture, speed, density, length, force and resistance are all prone to grow and change through the development of this exploration. We often begin on the floor, gradually rising to standing where the notion of weightlessness becomes clearer. Eventually, the use of alternating postural orientations and movements that cover more space at changing speeds and dynamics can be explored.


This will make sense through working with a partner. Each workshop is unique as the content takes shape through the interaction and engagement with each other. When we find our way to let go of expectations the path to truly meet one self becomes clearer. Where there is no one to impress and there is nothing to hide. There. We start.


Piani di Pezzè, Alleghe (BL)
from 25 to 28 July from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm



Suitable for : Adults

Location : Piani di Pezzè, 32022 Alleghe (BL)

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