San Marcello Piteglio - Montagna Pistoiese

The area of San Marcello Piteglio (Pt) is one of the most evocative and unspoiled areas of the Pistoia Mountains: chestnut forests alternate with extensive beech woods covering the slopes of the mountains, whose valleys are crossed by clear and impetuous streams.

An area of Tuscany of historical, environmental and cultural importance, including parish churches, medieval buildings, forests and valleys.

The Festival Village, with the info point, the stage for meetings and the open air cinema, will develop in the park of the "Ponte Sospeso" lake, in the town of Mammiano Basso.
The large green area, in addition to hosting the Festival campsite and the slackliners meeting, with dozens of lines set up throughout the park and above the Lima stream, includes areas dedicated to Yoga activities, holistic treatments, bushcraft and courses and workshops for families and children.
In the village, open free to the public, an expo area will be set up with some partners of the event and a market where it will be possible to find typical local products and excellence of the Pistoia Mountains, organic products, craft beer, artisan products, books that talk about nature, sustainability, travel and adventure.

The Festival in the heart of the Tuscany Mountain

The organizers of the Adventure Outdoor Fest are aware of the importance of the environment and its protection. For this reason the activities and the program of the event are chosen in the perspective of sustainable tourism. In fact, sustainability is one of the values that we want to promote, trying to sensitize the participants and the population with specific initiatives, involving both adults and children.

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