A climate-neutral journey by bike and kayak across the Alps. The award-winning filmmaker Olaf Obsommer and his team travelled in July 2020 from river to river over the main ridge of the Alps. Always in search of the most spectacular wild rivers. Everybody knows this satisfying feeling of having achieved something by their own efforts. Regardless whether it is the climbed mountain peak, the survived marathon run or even the longed-for beer garden after the long bicycle tour – you are simply happy and satisfied.?This philosophy is also behind the project “Bike2Boat”: with their own legs/under their own steam the four kayakers Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt, Adrian Mattern and Bren Orton worked their way up the pearls of the Alps by bike – the rapid descent on the wild streams were thus became an even more intense experience.?A plea for climate-neutral travel?At the same time, however, the athletes pursue other goals. While they normally jet around the world in search of wild water, leaving huge ecological footprints behind, they wanted to set an example for climate-neutral travel with Bike2Boat and at the same time escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while.?Slowly, and without jet lag, the team experienced the beauty of the local Alps. On the bike there was enough time to process the impressions gained and to experience the country and its people up close.?The project?The team was on the road for three weeks in the saddle and in the boat. From the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley, they travelled around 700 kilometres and 8.000 metres in altitude through the Salzburger Land, past the Grossglockner to East Tyrol, towards the Staller Sattle in South Tyrol and over the Timmelsjoch into the Tyrolean Ötztal. On their way they paddled some of the best classic whitewater section of the Alps such as the famous Lofer Devil´s Canyon, the Isel cataract, the Defereggenbach waterfalls, the beautiful Reinbach waterfalls, the Passeier through Meran and last but not least the mighty Oetz River.?Everything Adrian, Bren, Olaf and Jens needed for their trip, they transported with their bikes: boat, paddle and kayak equipment on the bike trailer, everything else like tent, sleeping bag, clothes and food in panniers on the bike.?The boys draw on the experience of two previous Bike2Boat trips: in 2012 the team was on a pilot tour on the west coast of Norway, one year later they travelled 2000 kilometres and 22,000 metres of altitude difference from Cannes to Venice over the Alps.
Innsbruck. Powder. People.

Innsbruck. Powder. People.

After many winter seasons and competitions at the highest level all over the world, a professional freeride skier from New Zealand named Neil Williman ends up in Innsbruck. There he meets many talented locals that show him just how great the mountains around Tirol are. Deeply impressed by the possibilities in this paradise, they discovered together what is possible during a global pandemic, and what is not. They have one simple, but difficult idea: to find and ride the most challenging faces around Innsbruck using public transport. The resorts may have been closed at the start of the winter, but that presented its own unique opportunities. Epic lines could even be accessed by walking out of Neil's front door, along with his local and 'imported local' friends like FWT Champion Manu Mandl, Christoph Schöfegger, Leo Rauch and Sam Good. What possibilities opened up once the crew had to stray from the ‘normal’ path? Other welcoming local friends for Neil have been the Snowmads crew, who are well known for travelling the world in their adventure campers. Spending a week with Fabian Lentsch, Markus Ascher, Konsti Ottner and Jules Zenzmaier in campers and huts in the valleys close to Innsbruck helped discover the real soul of the place. After having ridden the gnarliest faces around Tirol that could be accessed with public transport, the crew want to give people an honest perspective. What impact did we have by choosing this option of transport? And what impact did it have on them?

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Adventure Movie Awards 2022

The Adventure Movie Awards are an international film competition that selects, each edition, some of the best short and medium-length adventure films on the world scene.

The competition selects films that intend Adventure as exploration, experience and challenge with oneself, but also as freedom and immersion in nature.

The goal is to reward films that are able to translate the meaning of Adventure on the screen and that, through images and dialogues, are able to inspire and to convey emotions, passions and dreams. Not just pure action, but life stories.





The prize (the famous Piolet d'Or) for the best story, expedition, adventure.


The award for the most significant video on nature and ecology.


The award dedicated, by Dynamo Camp, to the strength, resilience and incredible feats of athletes, explorers, and travelers with disabilities.




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