PROGRAM 30/06/2018



A special starting of the day dedicated to connecting with oneself and with nature is what Andrea Bianchi will offer you on this sensory awakening and experiencial workshop. Andrea is the founder of the first Italian school of barefoot walking in nature "The silence of the steps" and also the founder of Mountainblog. 

Barefoot walking will transport you back in time discovering an ancient tradition and making you live an intense experience of essential presence and connection. 


At the end of the activity, our sponsor Manuel Caffè Italia will offer coffees and teas at the Adventure Bar!     


To stay overnight at San Candido on the days of the festival, discover the possibilities to RENT A SPOT at the Adventure Camping, or consult the hotels listed on the HOSPITALITY  page. 


Suitable for : Everyone

Location : Info Point - Piazza San Michele

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