PROGRAM 17/07/2014



Still many are the unexplored regions of our planet, but it is not easy to identify and carry out an exploratory project that leads to a true enrichment and dissemination of knowledge. The unexplored places are in very different contexts and often in very hostile environments.

The ability of the scouts association LA VENTA, together with the use of the most modern equipment and methods, has allowed us to carry out researches considered impossible until a few years ago.

This great, passionate work has led La Venta to now become an international point of reference not only in the field of exploration and speleological research, but also for the preservation and protection of the environment.

During this meeting, by the aid of videos, a few explorers of the association will lead the audience to wander on Antarctic glaciers and deserts of Central Asia, into tropical forests and in uncharted limestone plateaus, along high mountains walls, into caves so hot where man could die in a few minutes and in others so cold that no sign of liquid water has ever been seen there.

Canyons and glaciers, walls and wells, archaeological sites and giant crystals!

Suitable for : All

What to bring : A lot of curiosity

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